Star jam jar lantern

DIY cut-out star jam jar lantern

This DIY cut-out star jam jar lantern is super quick and easy, but only costs a few pence to make.  Save your jam jars and create a beautiful display for your home at Christmas, or for a wedding reception!

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DIY star jam jar lantern tutorial

To make a cut-out star jam jar lantern, you will need:


diy star jam jar lantern FB

How to make a cut-out star jam jar lantern:

        • Measure and cut a strip of paper to fit inside your jam jar (leave a little extra to overlap)
        • Use your star shaped paper punch to make cut-out stars at regular intervals along the edge of the paper strip.  For a taller jar, you could make another row of cut-out stars along the opposite edge too.  Keep your cut out stars for confetti to scatter on tables, or add to party invitations.
        • Add a flameless candle to the jar and repeat until you have a good collection of flickering beauties.

We mixed ours with some paper doily lined jam jars and mod-podge glittter jam jar lanterns too.

 Star jam jar lantern

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  1. December 22, 2014 @ 5:56 pm Kate

    These looks so pretty when they are all lit up and twinkling! I’m such a big fan of reusing jam jars so will give this a whirl! Hope you have a lovely Christmas x


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