Craft ideas for kids: 5 fantastic air drying clay projects


A couple of weeks ago, we went along to a local family fun day.  Pickle’s favourite activity was air-drying clay.  He made a little ‘nest’ and some eggs to go inside it.  The great thing about air-dry clay is that you can paint it while it’s wet, so no hanging about for impatient toddlers!

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5 air drying clay projects for kids

We want to try these wonderful craft ideas for kids using air-drying clay next…

5 Air drying clay projects for kids

1. Autumn leaves
Using real leaves to make imprints, these Thanksgiving decorations make great gifts and help to teach children about seasons and colour mixing.  Find the full tutorial at momtrusted.

autumn leaf decorations

2. DIY pottery ideas
Gorgeous pots and vases, ideas and how-to from What Katie Does.


3. Super cute owls
Using just a disc of clay, a marker cap and a butter knife, or lolly stick, this step-by-step tutorial from Creative Learning is fantastic!

Clay owl

4. Gift tags
Perfect for Christmas, Valentines’ Day, or a wedding, these gorgeous gift tags are made using cookie cutters.  Find the full tutorial at Buckets of Burlap.

These letter stampers would be perfect for this project.

gift tags

5. Dinosaur fossil footprints
I love this idea from Mom In Chapel Hill, using toy dinosaurs to make fossil footprints in the clay.

dinosaur fossil footprints

Here are a few more photos from the fun day, including Pickle’s painted hand, his beautiful friend Twinkle Toes’ butterfly face and Chops enjoying a bit of free-style art (there was also badge-making, biscuit-decorating, drumming, hula-hooping and a bouncy castle)!

Psst…  Like this?  You might also enjoy Play-doh with diggers!


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