Craft ideas for kids: Masking tape canvas painting

We’ve been trying out some simple craft ideas for kids this summer.  Masking tape painting was heaps of fun and resulted in some fantastic artwork!

A couple of weeks ago we tried this masking tape canvas painting activity, as part of a fabulously crafty playdate with my childhood friend Supermum and her little ones; Superboy & MiniMunchkin.
Supermum brought all the supplies…

For masking tape canvas painting, you will need:

  • mini canvases (these were from The Works)
  • paint
  • masking tape
  • brushes / sponges / rollers

COST: a few quid
AGE: babies and up
TIME: 10 minutes (plus drying time)

How-to: masking tape canvas painting

We set out the canvases in the garden and used masking tape to make letters and shapes on them.  Then the kids used the rollers, brushes and sponges to layer on the paint.  After they were done, we put them on top of the shed to dry in the sunshine.  After a break for pizza, we peeled off the masking tape and admired our art.

Pickle was a bit over-enthusiastic and had sponged off some of his masking tape and Chops couldn’t wait to start painting, so we didn’t bother putting tape on his at all, but both of them ended up with a wall-worthy piece of art anyway.
As you can see, Superboy’s S and star and MiniMunchkin’s M all turned out brilliantly!

What summer art and craft activities have you been up to?  Please do link via comments, I’d LOVE to see..!

Want some more craft ideas for kids?  How about a no-spill pig watering can (made from a recycled plastic milk jug), or 20 reasons to paint rocks (yes, really)?

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