DIY anniversary love-bird card for my husband

Easy anniversary card idea using paper cutting and water colours.  This is a super fast tutorial, but looks really pretty!

Last Friday was our anniversary (MisterPodge & I have been happily married for 5 years)!  Of course I had to make him an anniversary card, but I had limited time to do it!  This is what I came up with…

DIY anniversary card

To make a DIY anniversary card, you will need:

  • good quality watercolour paper (I used 2x sheets of A2)
  • water colours
  • a pencil
  • a scalpel or craft knife

Love bird DIY anniversary card

How to make a DIY anniversary card:

  • Score your watercolour papers along the centre and fold them in half, then tuck one inside the other – you may need to trim the edge of the inner card so that it lines up with the outer one.
  • Choose your design (I opted for something simple, as it was easy to cut out)!  Inspired by Pinterest, I found a couple of simple love-birds and copied the design freehand.
  • Flatten out both papers, but remember which is which.
  • Brush some water onto the front of the inner paper (this will be your under layer), then use your favourite watercolours to make a wash (allowing the colours to run together) and leave to dry.
  • Draw (or trace) your design onto the front of the outer paper.
  • Use a scalpel or craft knife to cut your design out of the outer paper.
  • Stick the outer layer to the inner layer, using ModPodge or similar and allow to dry.

Easy, huh?

P.S. This was our honeymoon trip!

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