DIY Mothers Day Gifts

What mum wouldn’t love to receive a home-made gift on Mothers day?  DIY Mothers Day gifts are definitely my favourites and there are some great ideas here…

Last week I asked you to share your DIY mothers day gifts (which is this coming Sunday in the UK).  Here are my top three:

DIY Mothers Day Crafts

1. Contact paper confetti kite from Life Lesson Plans: How beautiful is this?  What a lovely way to spend a mothers day morning (and even better, send the kids out to play with Dad in the afternoon while you put your feet up (or is that just me?)!

2. Woven ribbon lavender pillow from Anthea at Tales from Mount Pleasant: I think this is so pretty (without being cutesy) and lavender is a wonderfully relaxing scent – perfect to accompany a well-earned lie-in on mothers day.

3. DIY flower hair clips from Sparkling Buds: These are of course perfect for little girls, but if you used a more ‘grown up’ bloom (large antique roses or peonies for example), they would make a fantastic mothers day gift.  I’d love some of these to wear for a couple of weddings this Summer (hint hint)!

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