Craft ideas for kids: Cardboard Box Play House

Got a huge cardboard box?  Don’t throw it away!
Make a little house for the kids and let them decorate it…

You will need: 

– A huge cardboard box
– A bread knife (I found it far easier to use a serrated knife than scissors to cut out the windows and doors)
– Parcel tape or wide washi tape
– Paint/felt tips for decorating

COST: £2 or less
AGE: 10+ for the cutting (and may need help – it gets tiring!)
2+ for decorating
TIME: 1 hour approx

Inspired by Loft in SoHo, I made this while the boys were in bed (and wished I had some pretty washi tape for finishing off the rough edges – I made do with parcel tape – and large fabric scraps to make little curtains with), but if you have older kids, I am sure they would enjoy decorating it (inside and out), deciding exactly where to put the windows etc…

Mine backfired slightly: Pickle LOVED it, but got very upset when Chops tried to join him inside, or lean through the window.  Chops was ONLY interested in it when Pickle was inside and then he was VERY interested!  *sigh*

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