Work with me

Work with me on the blog

I am happy to blog about products and services, provided that they are of interest to my readers (craft supplies, kits, books, handmade items, cards and gifts, seasonal products, creative experiences etc.) and that this is reciprocated (in payment or products) for my time.  In addition to sponsored blog posts, I can Tweet about, Facebook, and Instagram these to my followers.

Please contact me if you are interested in a branded post at Hodge Podge Craft.  I’m happy to discuss ideas until we find something that works well for me, you, and my readers.
Here’s a recent example of a post I did in partnership with Duck Tape.

EASY Duck Tape world cup craft

If you’re a blogger, interested in guest posting for Hodge Podge Craft, I would love to hear from you!  Please read my guest post guidelines before contacting me with your idea for a post – it should answer some of your initial questions and save us both some time.



Give-aways are great!  I will always be happy to host one for you on my blog using Rafflecopter, provided that it fits with me and my content (craft supplies, books, handmade items from other bloggers – anything craft related or creative really – plus gifts, family, party and seasonal products).

Competitions are beneficial in generating interest for both your business/product and my blog.  For companies that are interested in hosting a give-away, do contact me here: [email protected]

Work with me off the blog

You can hire me to write blog posts, content, copy, or to make a tutorial video like this one.

You can get in touch via my contact form or email me: [email protected] (both will go directly to my inbox)


Take a look at Hodge Podge Craft guest posts at:

P.S. Here’s a link to the legal stuff (disclosure and privacy policies etc).

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