How to make a wreath using origami flowers

Well, it feels as if Spring has certainly sprung here (April showers included!) and today I want to show you how to make a wreath using origami flowers.  It’s super simple and looks great – plus it won’t wilt like real flowers do…

Origami paper flower wreath

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To make a wreath using origami flowers, you will need:

  • origami paper (or cut your own paper into squares, but it doesn’t cost much and will save you a lot of time!) – the bigger the wreath, the more squares you will need!
  • florists wire (or an old-style coat hanger)
  • masking tape
  • scissors & sticky tape

paper flower wreath how-to

How to make a wreath using origami flowers:

  • Make a wire hoop (any size you like – ours is about 20cm diameter) using your coat hanger or florists wire and use masking tape to cover any sharp points or twisted joins.  You might want to include a small hook or loop of wire at the top to make it easier to hang later on.
  • Follow this amazing video tutorial to make lots of paper flowers (called carambola, designed by Carmen Sprung).  The first one will take you a while to get right, but once you get into your groove, you won’t even need to watch the video any more…

  • Think about when and where you will hang your wreath when you’re choosing the paper colours.  I used bright Spring colours, but you could have gorgeous oranges and browns for a Thanksgiving or Autumn wreath, or red, green and gold for a Christmas one.
  • Keep making flowers until you have enough to cover your entire wire hoop.  Then make a few more (because they look really good crammed up together – at least, I think they do)!
  • Take one flower at a time and ‘pinch’ the wire with the pointy bits at the back, then tape securely into place.  You don’t need to be neat here, because the back will be hidden against the wall.  In fact, mine is a total mess behind!
  • Keep squishing them in close and taping them in place, until the whole wire is completely covered.
  • Hang up your paper wreath and enjoy!

Origami flower wreath

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