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Dragon painting for Chinese zodiac

Chinese Zodiac artwork for kids

I painted this Chinese Zodiac artwork for Chops’ bedroom after he was born in the year of the dragon (you can find out your own or your child’s Chinese astrology sign, or animal here). Wouldn’t it be interesting to talk about Chinese astrology with kids and then help them make a Chinese Zodiac artwork ‘animal’ picture of…

10 GORGEOUS wedding craft ideas

Top 10 gorgeous wedding craft ideas which are simple enough even for kids to do!

These fabulous wedding craft ideas are so easy, the kids can help you make them, so why not recruit your little nieces, nephews, siblings, friends’ (or your own) kids to help with crafting..?  Here are 10 easy, but beautiful wedding craft ideas that are perfect for little fingers… FIND 10 MORE HERE *this post contains affiliate…

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