An Autumn Scavenger Hunt (with free printable)!

Autumn Scavenger Hunt PIN

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It was such a lovely sunny Autumn day last Sunday, that we decided to go for a family walk.  We couldn’t call it a walk though, that would be BORING…  We called it an ADVENTURE!  We put on our wellies and stomped off to the woods to compare the changing leaf colours and admire twisted old trees.

I told Pickle that we should try and spot some mushrooms on our adventure.
The ground was damp and I was sure we could find some, but I hadn’t expected to find quite so many different types of fungi.  Of course we had to take a photo of each of them and here they all are..!

There was so much to talk and learn about on our Autumn scavenger hunt adventure: Where do acorns come from? Why do leaves change colour in the Autumn? Can you tell the time with a dandelion clock? and How can you tell the difference between a sweet and horse chestnut?

After we got home (with the benefit of hindsight!), I thought that a printable with pictures of things to find would have been a good prompt for our adventure, so I decided to create one.  This could be especially helpful if you are going on an adventure with lots of children (with another family, or as a school class) – each child can have their own printable to check off as they find things.  If you’d like to download and print my scavenger sheet, just click on the picture below.

Autumn scavenger hunt free printable

Autumn Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Once you get home, you can use all your Autumn nature finds to create some crafty artwork!

And if your kids can’t get enough of nature, you might want to put this beautifully illustrated book Nature’s Day on their birthday or Christmas list…





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