Ideas & prompts for Summer drawings

Summer is here (yay!) and today I want to share with you some awesome ideas and prompts Summer drawings.  These are great for all ages – I know I can’t wait to start the 30 day drawing challenge…

 Ideas & prompts for Summer drawings

Ideas & prompts for Summer drawings:

  1. Try shadow drawing – see the ideas at Tinkerlab
  2. Doodle some sharpie mandala stones like Stephanie Wiehle
  3. Take the 30 day drawing challenge as a family – see the visual prompt poster at Cultura Colectiva
  4. Start an art journal – check out Schulman Art for inspiration and ideas
  5. Use chalks to draw on your sidewalk or backyard.  You can draw fantastical backgrounds, props or accessories.  Try drawing colourful wings and turn yourself into a butterfly like this photo from SingleMothers.

What inspires you to get drawing in Summer?  I love to take a notebook on holiday and scribble, draw and paint our holiday memories…

If you want some more ideas for family Summer fun, take a look at these other brilliant posts!

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