A scavenger hunt exploring texture in nature

This scavenger hunt is inspired by nature and the myriad textures found outdoors.  It’s a great way to get kids excited about going for a walk and exploring the natural world around them.

Texture scavenger hunt Pin

For this scavenger hunt, you will need:

  • This free printable scavenger hunt list (click to download an A4 pdf)
  • A pen or pencil to check them off as you find them
  • A camera or camera phone (optional) to take pictures of the different textures you discover
  • A dry day (or macs & wellies!)

Now the weather is a little warmer and Spring is in the air, I hope you get to try out this fun family scavenger hunt.  And if you catch the scavenger bug, why not try out my Autumn & yellow nature scavenger hunts too (both with free printable check lists)?

You can find a couple more awesome printable nature scavenger/photo hunt ideas at Homeschool Den.

Happy hunting!

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