How to make the cutest DIY Minion costume

Full tutorial for a DIY Minion costume (complete with hard hats, Gru logo, goggles and crazy hair) – great for a fancy dress party or Halloween outfit.

Here is my easy DIY Minion costume tutorial.  We were invited to a fancy dress party a couple of weeks ago and the boys knew they wanted to dress up as Minions (they are BIG fans of Despicable Me)!
I love these goggles from Playing with Scissors (found on Pinterest), but I wanted to use hard hats, rather than a beanie (because it’s Summer here and a beanie might be too hot).  I also wanted the goggles to be on the hat, not on their faces, as I thought that might irritate them.

DIY Minion costume tutorial

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To make a DIY Minion costume, you will need:

COST: a few quid
AGE: toddlers and young kids
TIME: 20-30 minutes

DIY Minion construction hat

How to make a DIY Minion costume:

  • Download the Gru logo and print it out onto your stickers (or onto paper, then use double-sided tape).  Stick this onto the front of your hard hat
  • Choose which hairstyle your Minion will have (there are 3 to choose from) and glue pipe-cleaners onto the hard hat in the style of your choice
  • Print some goggle eyes out onto card and cut them out, keeping them attached in the middle
  • Remove the inserts and tape your Mason jar lids together.  Tape these to the printed google eyes
  • Tie some elastic to one side of your goggles (making a small hole in the card if needed)
  • Pass the elastic around the hat and wind it through the plastic support inside, back around to the front and secure to the other side of your goggles
  • Position the goggles at a jaunty angle (the Minions are a bit slap-dash after all!) and secure with some double-sided tape or glue
  • Dress your kid up in a yellow Tshirt and blue dungarees (or in Pickle’s case, blue trousers and braces, as his dungarees are too small now)
  • Add the hard hat
  • Now you have the cutest DIY Minion ever – ready to party!

Assemble zee Minions

P.S. Chops has my geek glasses here (I went as a Minion too!) – he doesn’t need them, but they were so huge on his little face, I wanted to include the photo as it makes me grin every time I look at it!

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