The Cardboard Castle (a recycled photo story)

A cardboard castle can inspire fun creative role-play and story-telling – take a look!

Last week my parents made the boys this fantastic cardboard castle (complete with crenellations and working draw-bridge)!  Pickle and Chops decorated their own flags and then had a great time playing with it.

The Cardboard Castle

Cardboard Castle photo story

What you need to make a cardboard castle:

  • a HUGE cardboard box
  • masking or parcel tape
  • a craft knife or scalpel
  • some string/ribbon
  • pens/paint to decorate
  • straws
  • cardboard scraps

Cardboard Castle tutorial

How to make a cardboard castle:

  1. Lift all the flaps of your cardboard box up and fold them in half (down, inside the box)
  2. Tape the corners together to strengthen
  3. Use a scalpel (or sharp craft knife) to cut your crenellations along the top, then tape to reinforce
  4. Cut a drawbridge shape in the front of the box, leaving the base attached
  5. Make a small hole in the top of the drawbridge.  Thread some string/ribbon through and tie into a loop which you can use to close your drawbridge from the inside
  6. Cut some flags from cardboard scraps.  Decorate and stick these to straw ‘flagpoles’.  Tape the flags to the corners of your cardboard castle.
  7. Add details and decorate your cardboard castle with pens/paint

I loved the little details that the boys included (they drew ghosts and bats inside and windows outside the box).  Best of all, this cardboard castle cost almost nothing and provided hours of entertainment!

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