Printable snowman craft for kids

Today I’m sharing with you an easy free printable snowman craft for kids.  It’s a fun, simple collage idea that even young kids can do with very little help.  I’m linking up with this month’s #GetYourCraftOn challenge, where you can find many more fantastic snowman crafts!

 ree printable snowman craft for kids

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For this printable snowman craft for kids, you will need:

Free printable snowman craft invitation to create

How to make this printable snowman craft for kids:

  • Use this free printable template to cut out a few hats and scarves in various colours and at least one orange ‘carrot’ nose.
  • For younger children, you could shape some coloured pipe-cleaners into bows to add texture to the scarf, use as earrings or a bow tie (be sure to bend the tips of the pipe cleaners over so there are no sharp pointy bits).  Older children could shape their own pipe cleaners.
  • Use the side plate and dessert bow to draw a snowman template on white card (like in the photo above).
  • Set out your pre-cut shapes, black pom poms and coloured pipe cleaner bows next to the snowman outline, along with some glue as an ‘invitation to create’.
  • Allow your child to draw on the snowman’s features and stick on his (or her) accessories.  Take a look at Pickle’s video above for inspiration – the cheeky tongue was his idea!



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