20 Reasons to Paint Rocks (I kid you not!) part 2

More brilliant ideas to paint rocks: story stones, wedding favours & more! (SEE PART ONE HERE)
A fun, easy, low prep, (almost) free activity.

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To paint rocks, you will need:

– some smooth rocks/pebbles (scrubbed clean and dried)
paints (ideally acrylic)
spray varnish (as a final coat, if your finished rocks will live outside)

Optional extras:
googly eyes
scraps of fabric
– a rectangular mint tin (Altoids in US/M&S in the UK)
patio paint
– a broken patio tile
sharpies (fine permanent marker pens)
magnetic paint
puffy/3D fabric paint


COST: under £1
AGE: 2+
TIME: 20 mins + drying time
Last week I caught the rock painting bug and shared 10 fantastic ideas to with you.  Here are another 10 great reasons to paint rocks!

20 reasons to paint rocks 2

11. Pet rocks
Ruby Makes had this super-cute idea of painting tiny rock pets and tucking them in to a repurposed mint tin to sleep.  So Sweet!

Pet rocks


12. House/buildings/whole town
This how-to picture is all over Pinterest.  It’s from a book called Painting on Rocks for Kids by Lin Wellford.  You could make a whole street of these, or even a miniature rock town!

Painted rock houses how to


13. Colour recognition game for toddlers
Stephanie at Twodaloo shared this great Painted Garden Stone Color Matching Game at Train Up a Child (learn as we go):

Colour matching garden game stones rocks pebbles


14. Storytelling stones
Rashmie at Mommy Labs made these story stones with her beautiful daughter Pari.  They cut and pasted pictures from kids magazines, but you could just as easily paint them yourself and let your imagination go wild..!

Mommylabs Story Stones


15. Toadstools (for a fairy ring)
Amanda Formaro at Fun Family Crafts painted these rocks to look like toadstools.  You could paint a group of these and hide them in your garden to make a secret fairy ring…

painted rock toadstools mushrooms

16. Features (for funny faces)

Pauline at Club Chica Circle painted these funny face stone features.  These really made me smile!

painted stone facial features

17. Plant (herb, fruit & veg) labels

The Pin Junkie uses painted stones as plant markers in her garden.  I must make some of these for my herb pots, as Mister Podge once used lavender instead of rosemary in a pie (incredibly it still tasted lovely)!

stone plant markers

18. Wedding favours

Laura at Couture Colorado shared Jessica & TJ’s simple, but oh-so pretty wedding favour/placename idea of handwriting names and table numbers on to rocks (photo by Gia Canali)

rock place name wedding favour keepsake

19. Number or sum stones

Juliet Robertson at I’m a teacher get me OUTSIDE here! painted these number stones for maths games.  Pebbles always remind me of abacuses (abacai?), which I also loved as a child.

painted number maths rocks

20. Magnetic rock paperweight

This holds your paperclips/pins/needles.  Clever idea by Troika, but I am sure you could make one yourself, using several coats of magnetic paint (available at hardware shops and Amazon – seriously, what can’t you buy at Amazon?)!

magnetic paint on rocks

So there you have it: 20 reasons to paint rocks.  Now I’ve started I could probably find another 10, but you’ve probably had enough for now, haven’t you…?

P.S. Have you taken a look at The Paperdashery’s washi tape?  It’s perfect for crafting projects for kids & adults alike!

honolulu map washi tape



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